The Liveable Story

New to a city and not sure where to live? Where are the cafes, bars and what's affordable? Or maybe you've lived in the same area your whole life and you're now itching to explore other neighbourhoods in your city?

These are questions Liveable aims to answer. However, we understand that different people have different priorities when finding that gem of a neighbourhood, so we're giving that power back to you - we want to give you the best tool to help you find your ideal neighbourhood.

How It Works

We source raw data from authoritative sources both locally and globally. The data then gets put through our proprietary scoring engine that gives the Liveability Score for neighbourhoods that you see on the platform.

To prove that it works, and it isn't black magic, here is how it all happens in a simple easy-to-explain graphic:

Seems simple enough, doesn't it? We'd like to think so!

For those that prefer less cartoony diagrams, here's what actually happens behind the scenes:

Get In Touch

We are constantly sourcing new data and tweaking the scoring engine to provide you with a better experience.

If you want us to include specific data into the platform that will help you find your ideal neighbourhood, or if you have any feedback at all, we'd love to hear from you.

We can be reached on [email protected] and we promise we won't bite!

The Team

Evan Wong


A problem solver / hacker with an eye for clean, simple design. He has a knack of turning large, complicated problems into easy-to-understand processes.

That particular skill came in handy in his past life as a consultant in the financial technology space and an analyst in a global investment bank.

Having lived in 4 different cities and experienced lots more, he passionately believes that people and culture are the life-blood of neighbourhoods.

Hung Ly


Even from an early age he's always had an insatiable curiousity for all things and places. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he enjoys using his technical skills to solve interesting problems.

With a degree in Computer Engineering, he applied his craft within the financial industry in London and Sydney.

He has travelled to neighbourhoods all over the world in the search for that perfect cup of coffee (and satisfying that curiousity for seeing places!).